Contraceptive Methods To Avoid Unexpected Pregnancies

An undesirable being pregnant can create many issues. Contraceptive methodology is admittedly necessary for girls who’re sexually energetic, in addition to those that have a gradual monogamous relationship. Contraceptive strategies have been practiced for a number of of years. At the moment, quite a lot of efficient contraception strategies can be found that works in several methods and have completely different sort of execs and cons. To grasp what contraceptive methodology is finest for you, first it is best to perceive the way it works and what are the professionals and cons of every.

Contraceptive strategies

Oral tablets or start controlling tablets Cytotec Bolivia

The contraception tablets are mostly used strategies amongst girls’s. Most oral tablets include two sorts of artificial hormones- progestin and estrogen, these hormones prevents ovulation from ovaries. This methodology is simpler if a girl takes a tablet each day on the identical time every day for 21 days of cycle.

Attainable Unwanted effects:

Nausea, Complications, Breast tenderness, melancholy, weight acquire, bloating, pimples and elevated blood stress.


This methodology can be the preferred and generally used methodology. It stops the sperms from coming into into the uterus and prevents being pregnant. This methodology may be 99% efficient whether it is used with vaginal spermicide.

Male condom is a versatile and skinny tube made up of latex rubber or polyurethane. Male condom is rolled over the erect penis earlier than the intercourse. It’s danger free contraceptive methodology, which reduces possibilities of being pregnant and STDs, together with HIV/AIDS.

Feminine condom is a mushy tube made up of polyurethane. It has O-rings on each the ends. It’s worn contained in the vagina.

Attainable Unwanted effects

Some girls’s are allergic to latex.

Emergency method- Morning after tablet.

If there may be an unprotected intercourse or a failure in a contraceptive methodology throughout sexual activity, then morning after tablet or emergency contraceptive methodology is should used to keep away from undesirable being pregnant. It inhibits fertilization or implantation and stops being pregnant. These tablets may be taken as much as 72-120 hours after the unprotected sexual activity.

Attainable Unwanted effects

-Bloating, Discomfort, Breast tenderness and Decrease again ache.

Depo-Provera Hormonal Injection.

Hormonal Injection works in comparable manner like contraception tablets. On this methodology a Artificial Progesterone hormone is injected within the feminine physique, which stops ovulation from ovaries. It prevents being pregnant for 3 months or for 13 weeks.

Attainable Facet-effect:

-Irregular menstrual durations, weight acquire, complications, melancholy and potential bone mineral loss.

Hormone patch (Ortho-Evra)

The patch of hormones referred to as estrogen and progestin are worn on the pores and skin. These hormones are absorbed by way of the pores and skin to the bloodstream and forestall ovulation. This contraceptive methodology is 99% efficient, whether it is used accurately. It is vital that first you seek the advice of a physician if patch is best for you or not.

Attainable side-effects

-Blood clots, irregular bleeding, breast tenderness, nausea, pores and skin irritation and cramps.

Sterilization methodology.

It’s a everlasting contraception methodology for each female and male. Sterilization for male known as vasectomy and for feminine it is referred to as tubal ligation. It is a surgical process during which vas deferens (the tube that carries sperm from scrotum to penis) of male and the fallopian tubes (the tube main from ovaries to uterus) in feminine are lower, clamped and tied. This sterilization contraceptive methodology is simplest and dependable for all these couple who do not want to have a baby anymore.

Intrauterine machine(IUDs)

These units are inserted into the uterus by a medical practitioner and may be left for every week. IUD is a T formed plastic or copper and plastic units which incorporates leveonorgestrel hormone, it stops sperm and egg to fertilize.

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