Moroccan Dreams – Poetry to Take You to a Place You’ve Never Been and Explore Foreign Cultures

Moroccan Goals

final stop-
one-way ticket’s journey, prepare stretching
Tangier, Casablanca,

tunnel of
Marrakech’s oasis’,
its open dry mouth,

sand dunes rising within the horizon,
sun-bleached colours
filling winding streets,
summer season’s burning orange glow,
shadows appear to point out us,
pointing the best way
one other hazy second elegant,

within the again labyrinth of alleyways
main you ever deeper-
to openings into the previous,
past applied sciences drained blistered toes,
past the sunshine, quickly fading;

mint of vibrant inexperienced
and milky white enamel,
refreshment to appease the parched throats
of a drained faculty instructor’s daylong bouts,
his drained shouts
of science and math
of historical past’s anciently guarded path,

hoping sometime to travel-
past Morocco’s partitions
and stroll by the streets
that lay over the ocean,
the place his desires sometime guarantees to be-
that day,
he’d then
be really free;

the naked damaged tile flooring peeling white paint,
bedsprings creaking,
the sunshine on the ceiling,

stares ominously easy, the door barely ajar,
the window barred;

the creaking mattress
barely holds your sunburnt head,
as a substitute you’re led-
to a person promoting cannabis,
for lower than what you can purchase
a spherical loaf of bread,

a boy leads you to a retailer
to purchase your favourite reward,
observe his English,
extort a tip;

the drum beats softly
to the straining melodic fluctuating voice
of ageless Muslim tales;

a pipe emits
the candy and bitter pungent odor of the drug
that evokes hope
within the lives
which have practically failed,

as tales of an historic kingdom
beat to drumbeats of ceramic blue,
and of kids within the night time,
of heroes and depraved sultans,
palaces and, brave, noble fights

in strained poetic French-
and clipped sing-song Arabic,
are sung to the light drumbeat-
of lanterns glowing and burning,

flickering wicks
nearly extinguished
by the tales of the myths;

the group winds by the alleys
solar touches the camel’s lifted again,
who stands nonetheless on the horizon,
distant and strained,
because the wind blows rays behind
the rocky mountain cracks distant,

Moroccan minarets and prayers loud by the audio system,
on daily basis they methodically play,

100 million children-
their lives
like mud blowing on the scales,

who will paint the image
that may polish from the desert rust,
and shine on the lives of the kids
in Morocco’s blowing desert mud;

lovely kids
with golden weathered pores and skin lay on the dusty shelf,
within the books within the faculty
of a thousand youths,

oblivious to knowledge’s wealth, in metropolis rooms
the place we develop
in America’s colleges;

of all the locations,
on the finish of earth’s trails,
to discover a manner there,
and depart a mark on the souls,
of these searching for the reality,
and indulge in the great thing about youth.

Marrakech, Morocco

Finish of poem

Moroccan Goals Morocco is a former French colony the place French continues to be spoken, along with the most important language of Arabic. Lots of its cities, resembling 3 days tour from Marrakech to Merzouga, whereas having trendy sections, additionally retain an historic taste, with elements of town nonetheless a lot they similar as they’d have been 1,000 years in the past.

This poem was written by John Scott, who teaches science in Newark, NJ.

The poem may be discovered within the guide Daybreak of a New Discovery and Past the Horizon, that are avaialalbe on-line.

Daybreak of a New Discovery is 346 pages, paperback and illustrated. It comprises each authentic poems, and poems from a number of sources, together with some trendy, youth, little one, and well-known basic poets. It’s hoped to encourage curiosity in writing and studying poetry. The guide additionally comprises biographies of well-known and basic poets, in addition to a how-to part in most chapters, and a sections for the reader to write down his or her personal poetry.

The poetry presents a kaleidoscope of concepts regarding lands, spirituality, kids and youths, oppression and violence, faculty life and struggles, in addition to portray an image of hope.

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