Halo Reach Exodus Walkthrough – How to Complete Exodus Alone on Legendary

Half 1: The Satan His Due
On this mission, there are not any Elites and a lot of Brutes. Moreover, there’s little DMR ammo, so you’ll not have sufficient ammo to take away each Brute’s helmet after which get a headshot with the DMR. Because of this, you will have to regulate your loadout to make use of different weapons to kill the Brutes. I wrote this walkthrough demonstrating find out how to play primarily utilizing the Sniper rifle and gravity hammer as your secondary weapon. Nonetheless, there are additionally loads of assault rifles and shotguns scattered all through the extent, so use whichever loadout works greatest for you.

You start this stage with a 24 ammo magnum, 1 frag, dash, and solely 9 bars of well being. You may have simply landed from orbit within the metropolis New Alexandria after destroying the Covenant Cruiser and instantly start aiding the evacuation efforts. You start in a big plaza, which is the “Courtyard” multiplayer map. Flip to your proper and head as much as the highest of the tower, the place you will see extra magnum ammo. Then head down the courtyard and exit via doorways beneath the second flooring ledge. After passing via a second door, you will note two Skirmisher minors and a Skirmisher main, so kill them with magnum headshots and take the extra full plasma pistol as your secondary weapon.

Proceed via a parallelogram formed door to your left, and you’ll enter a darkish hall. A UNSC soldier over the radio will then warn you of suicide Grunts forward, so swap to your magnum. You’ll quickly be confronted by 4 suicide Grunts. As quickly as you see the Grunts, instantly start killing the closest Grunts with magnum headshots as you stroll backwards down the hall. If they start getting too near you, flip round and dash again into the open plaza the place you’ll have loads of room to complete them off. As you proceed down the hall, you may be confronted by teams of two, three, and 5 extra suicide Grunts. Use the identical techniques as earlier than to securely remove them as effectively. The hall will ultimately convey you to a barely bigger room with stars as much as a second stage. Right here you will see six Grunts on the highest stage. As quickly as they see you, some variety of these Grunts will start suiciding whereas the others will stay on the highest stage to shoot you. Keep within the hall and first shoot the suicide Grunts, then kill any remaining Grunts on the highest stage. In a closet on the high of the stairway, you will see a well being package that you need to use to restock the well being you misplaced when falling from orbit.

As you exit to your left, you’ll come outdoors to discover a handful of civilians and a spirit with Brutes inside. Step again inside to keep away from harm till the spirit leaves. As soon as heading outdoors for the second time, you will see two marines making an attempt to guard some civilians from a Brute. Subsequent to a marine carcass immediately outdoors of the hall, you will see two assault rifles and a magnum. Restock on ammo and commerce your plasma pistol for an assault rifle, then assist the marines end off the Brute with this assault rifle.

Transfer up the steps alongside the left wall, the place you will see an 8 ammo sniper rifle, a Dash crate, two assault rifles, a well being package, and two marines. Swap your assault rifle for the sniper rifle. Even when you’re enjoying on Legendary, this highly effective weapon is able to killing each Brute Majors and Brute Minors with a single headshot. Beneath you will see 5 Brute minors, all of whom you need to kill with sniper rifle headshots. Again up and use the elevation of your perch as cowl when the Brutes return fireplace. Make sure you solely shoot when you’re constructive that you’ll get a headshot as a result of any leftover ammo will show you how to significantly within the subsequent struggle. One technique I exploit to preserve ammo is to kill the final Brute with a sticky grenade, however solely try this if you’re an skilled grenade thrower, as a result of in the event you miss, you’ll have no good weapons for killing the Brute up shut.

In case you are a poor sniper: I personally discover it very tough to headshot enemies with a sniper rifle, regardless of the upper accuracy and higher zoom. Nonetheless, I’ve developed some methods which significantly assist me, even with my poor intention. Initially, endurance is the important thing. Though it might be too tough so that you can headshot a transferring goal, you need to have the ability to not less than observe them together with your reticule whereas they’re transferring. Then, as soon as they cease transferring, transfer your reticule over their head and fireplace when you see a dot in your reticule. Ensure that the Brute is standing nonetheless lengthy sufficient so that you can hit it; it is vitally vital that you simply hit with almost each shot on this mission as a result of your ammo stage is kind of low. One other key drawback a starting sniper might encounter is that you’ll cease zooming in upon getting been shot. To keep away from this, both always maintain transferring, or if that is too laborious for you, stand in an space the place solely a part of your physique protrudes from behind your cowl. Take into account that when standing in the next place than you enemy, this could imply merely transferring backward sufficient that solely your head is seen to them, whereas their total physique is seen to you.

After ending off the entire enemies within the plaza, soar down out of your sniping perch and hug the left wall as you push ahead. After you progress far sufficient, three Skirmisher majors and a Brute minor will come out of the door to the fitting. Use the again wall with the garbage can image as cowl, kill the Skirmishers together with your magnum, and kill the Brute your sniper rifle. If mandatory, there’s a well being package, assault rifle, and frag grenade to the fitting of the meals vendor constructing.

As you proceed on via the door, you’ll come to a big indoor space with 4 marines, two well being kits, a magnum, and plenty of of assault rifles scattered throughout the ground space. First, run up the steps to your left and kill the 2 Grunts immediately in entrance of you as a way to stop them from flanking you sooner or later. Then return down stairs and snipe as many Brutes as doable whereas staying on this preliminary room. Within the Courtyard forward of you, there are three Grunts, three Jackals, 5 Brute minors, and one Brute main. Upon getting expended your entire sniper ammo sniping Brutes, swap your sniper rifle for one of many many assault rifles on the ground. Dash out of the room and into the primary hallway to your left, the place you will see a DMR crate with a forty five ammo DMR. Swap your magnum for the DMR. Proceed up the staircase behind you and decide up extra DMR ammo from behind tree planter. Utilizing this as cowl, decide of the entire enemies you can see together with your DMR. At this level, you might have sufficient DMR ammo to pop of the Brutes helmets after which kill them with a headshot, though it will be significant that you simply hit with virtually each shot.

Upon getting killed the entire enemies you can see from this cowl, flip to your left and head up the staircase alongside the wall. Be ready for one or two Brutes (relying on what number of you killed earlier than) to assault you as quickly as you attain the highest of the staircase. Kill them each with helmet and head headshots. After killing them, you might have a great view of the rest of the realm, so can simply kill any remaining enemies together with your DMR. After you might have cleared out the entire enemies within the plaza, run again to the entrance of the room to restock on DMR ammo, then return to the elevator and restock on well being from one of many well being kits. As soon as you might be totally rearmed, activate the elevator.

By activating the elevator, you set off two phantoms to drop many extra covenant outdoors. Dash via the open door to the fitting of the elevator and detach the machine gun turret to your left. Then run into the inlet behind you alongside the left wall and drop the turret. Presently, one phantom will deploy immediately in entrance of you, and the opposite will deploy from the aspect reverse of the elevator within the courtyard. The Phantom close to you’ll initially deploy 4 Grunts and two Brute minors. Out of your inlet, you might have the proper angle to kill the Brute minors with helmet headshots as quickly as they hit the bottom. Nonetheless, in the event you exit the inlet to kill the Grunts, the phantom’s turret will kill you, so solely kill them in the event that they cross in entrance of your line of fireplace. In the meantime, the opposite phantom will deploy three Skirmisher majors, two Brute minors, and a Brute main with a gravity hammer. Nonetheless, these enemies don’t pose an instantaneous menace. The phantom close to you’ll drop a Brute main with a gravity hammer after which go away. Relying in your choice, kill the Brute main both with a helmet and headshot combo or together with your indifferent machine gun turret. As soon as killing him, commerce your assault rifle for his gravity hammer. End off the Grunts from the primary phantom, then kill any remaining enemies within the courtyard with both the gravity hammer, DMR, or indifferent turret. Upon getting fully cleared the realm, restock on well being and enter the elevator, however make sure to convey your turret with you if it has any ammo remaining.

Half 2: Too Near the Solar
Exit the elevator and transfer via the room to a broken ledge overlooking a tangle of metal and cement constructions. You will discover a full DMR and shotgun crate on this ledge, so restock on DMR ammo. In entrance of you there are discover three ODSTs combating two banshees. Assist them kill the banshees with any ammo left in your machine gun turret. Comply with the ledge proper to 2 extra ODSTs, all geared up with jetpacks. Swap out your dash armor capacity for a jetpack within the storage room immediately behind you. That is required to proceed the extent. Drop the turret and use the jetpack to observe the ODST group (the Bullfrogs) alongside the ledges. After leaping throughout the primary few ledges, the rest of the bullfrogs will be part of you. Cease on the final ledge earlier than the big platform, on which you will note many covenant. The Bullfrogs will virtually instantly attempt to rush ahead, however you need to keep again and kill as many covenant as doable from the ledge you might be presently on. You need to see six Grunt majors, one Grunt heavy with a gasoline rod, two Jackals, and a Jackal sniper on the fringe of the platform, all of which you’ll simply decide of together with your DMR. Make sure you kill the Grunt heavy first. Upon getting cleared out as many enemies as doable, jetpack throughout to the left aspect of the primary flooring and run into the darkish tunnel within the left wall.

Comply with this tunnel, and it’ll take you to the second stage. When you come as much as the second stage, six Brute minors and a Brute main with a gravity hammer will transfer in the direction of you from farther again on this stage. As well as, a number of the preliminary infantry from earlier than usually retreat to those Brutes, and can now face you a second time. To remove these enemies, stroll a number of steps out the tunnel, kill a number of enemies with headshots, after which run again into the tunnel for security as soon as your shields turn into low or the covenant throw a plasma grenade at you. If a Brute comes too near the tunnel entrance, kill him together with your gravity hammer. This technique will take a while, however with some endurance, it will likely be very profitable. For optimum outcomes, do to not stray too removed from the tunnel entrance and to run again contained in the tunnel instantly as soon as your shields fall beneath 25%. As soon as you may not see any extra enemies from the tunnel entrance, transfer ahead as much as the purple cargo crate and use it as cowl to remove any stragglers.

After you kill the entire covenant on this stage, 4 extra ODSTs will arrive to help you, and extra enemies will start transferring down from the ground above you. Nonetheless, they won’t transfer right down to your stage, so this gives an ideal alternative to restock. Restock your well being on the well being package on the far proper nook of the second stage and restock your DMR ammo from the DMRs of fallen Bullfrogs. In case you are utilizing an assault rifle or shotgun as an alternative of the gravity hammer, there’s an assault rifle and shotgun crate within the tunnel with the inexperienced arrow on the primary flooring, reverse of the tunnel you used earlier than.

As soon as totally restocked, you may push farther up the complicated. On the third to fourth stage staircase, there are three Grunts, and on the fourth stage, there are two Brute minors and a Brute main with a concussion rifle. First, decide off the Grunts on the steps, after which both stroll or jetpack as much as the primary room on the fourth flooring. Use the identical technique that you simply used within the tunnel by moving into the doorway and pulling as many helmet headshots as doable earlier than hiding again within the room. I discovered that these Brutes are rather more aggressive and usually tend to cost you, so in the event you see one charging, stand on to the aspect of the door and gravity hammer it because it walks in. Should you turn into injured throughout this struggle, there’s well being package close to the steps on the third flooring and a well being package far again on the fourth flooring, previous the Brutes.

After clearing out all of those enemies, proceed to the via the door on the far finish of the fourth flooring, the place you’ll meet a marine. You’ll then stroll into a big, multi-floor complicated. As quickly as you stroll into it, flip immediately round a jet pack as much as the highest flooring. Exit via a door marked New Alexandria Concourse. You’ll come outdoors, the place you will see 4 marines and an ODST making an attempt to evacuate many civilians. Up towards one wall, you will see a big assortment of weapons, however I’d recommend solely taking the DMR. Help the marines in killing the three Grunts and three Jackals which are attacking them.

After killing this small group of enemies, you may be confronted with a way more tough activity. It’s essential to evacuate the civilians up the tower to the touchdown pad, however it’s closely guarded by covenant. Within the space forward of you, you will see a Grunt main, two Jackals, two Jackal snipers with focus rifles, and three Brute majors (two with concussion rifles and one with gravity hammer.) It’s extremely tough to push up the primary staircase because of the fixed strain of the concussion rifles and focus rifles, so you need to as an alternative take a a lot much less guarded route. Run alongside the ledge till you come to the fitting aspect of the final planter. Right here, soar and jetpack throughout to the opposite aspect. It is rather vital that you simply maintain an altitude decrease that the ledge you are attempting to succeed in till the final second in order that the Jackal snipers can not shoot you if you are flying. When you land, the enemies will start to chase you, so run away from them till you see a flip within the wall marked with a blue signal with a 5 on it. Utilizing the wall as cowl, you may wait and kill all of the enemies chasing you together with your DMR and gravity hammer from right here. Push ahead and use the planters and blocks as cowl to remove any remaining enemies. Swap your gravity hammer for the Brute main’s gravity hammer if it has extra vitality.

As you proceed up the subsequent flight of stairs, you will see six Grunts, a Jackal sniper with a spotlight rifle, and any enemies that retreated from the decrease ranges. Worst of all, there’s a Brute chieftain with a gasoline rod on the highest stage. Start by killing the entire lighter infantry together with your DMR from the quilt of the primary staircase. When the Brute chieftain fires his gasoline rod at you, merely stroll backwards a number of steps and it’ll fly over your head. As soon as solely the Brute is left, you will have to get near him with out him killing you along with his gasoline rod. When you get near him, he can be unable to shoot you with out hurting himself, so you may simply kill him together with your gravity hammer. To do that, run as much as the wall to the fitting of the primary staircase, after which jetpack up this wall between his pictures. You possibly can then take cove behind the black triangular wall right here on the high of this ledge. The following time he stops firing to reload, run to the bench beneath the New Alexandria Concourse signal. Right here, you might be at too steep of an angle for him to shoot you. Rigorously stroll up the steps after which cost him. When you get shut, he’ll not shoot you, so all it’s essential to do is hammer him thrice to kill him.

In opposition to the big planter, you will see a DMR, two well being kits, two frag grenades, and an assault rifle. Restock on ammo in addition to well being if mandatory. Proceed throughout the bridge, the place you will see three Grunt majors and two Grunt heavies with gasoline rods. As regular, kill the Grunt heavies first. You’ll then come to the final struggle of this part, during which you will have to clear the constructing in entrance of you and safe the touchdown pad. This is likely one of the hardest fights of this mission attributable to very poor cowl and tough enemies. Inside the constructing, there are three Grunts, two Jackals, three Brute minors, and a Brute chieftain with a gasoline rod. Exterior on the touchdown pad, there are additionally two shade turrets, each operated by Grunt heavies.

First, enter via both of the aspect entrances. These will take you to the second flooring of the constructing. Kill any enemies on the identical flooring as you, beginning with the closest enemies first. Then, kill any enemies on the primary flooring, however don’t try to kill the Brute chieftain. If doable, kill the Brutes with helmet headshots to keep away from harm, however use your gravity hammer in the event that they get to shut. Don’t stroll outdoors, or else the shade turrets will simply kill you. If it’s essential to restock on well being or ammo, there’s an assault rifle and shotgun crate, well being package, and frag grenade on the second stage immediately above the primary door. There are additionally well being kits alongside the wall in entrance of every aspect entrance. Halfway via your struggle, a phantom will drop two extra Jackals and a Brute main with a gravity hammer on the touchdown pad. Keep on the second flooring to kill them if they arrive inside, and in the event that they keep outdoors, you may cope with them later. As soon as solely the Brute chieftain stays inside the constructing, you may safely kill it together with your gravity hammer. Bear in mind, it takes three hits too kill the Brute chieftain if you’re enjoying on legendary. I discover that the most secure approach to kill it’s to leap down on high of it from the second stage. So long as you keep near the chieftain after your first hit, it will likely be unable to shoot you, and can solely growl loads. Now that the constructing is obvious, you may kill every shade turret by shortly stepping outdoors, killing the Grunt with a headshot, then stepping again inside as soon as the opposite shade turret returns fireplace. End any remaining enemies that stayed outdoors from the doorways as effectively.

After clearing out the shade turrets, two falcons and a pelican will arrive. The pelican will evacuate any surviving civilians, and the falcons will take you to your subsequent struggle.

Half 3: I Ought to Have Develop into a Watchmaker
Enter both of the machine gun turrets on both of the falcons and the pilot will fly you to a makeshift missile base overrun by covenant. On the best way you’ll fly by many marines combatting covenant forces, whom you may help by killing essentially the most highly effective covenant infantry and autos. All of those covenant forces can be targeted on combating the marines, so can be little menace to you. Nonetheless, after round 1 minute 15 seconds, two to 3 banshees will fly behind you. Make sure you shoot them as quickly as doable.

After round two minutes, you’ll arrive at a small outpost a brief distance from missile batteries. Your falcon will hover for some time earlier than touchdown, offering you time to kill the 4 Grunts two Jackals and in entrance of you. Within the outpost, you will see three marines, loads of 17 wsm Ammo for sale for a lot of weapons, and two well being kits. As well as, falcons will deploy 5 extra marines. Restock on well being and DMR ammo and commerce your secondary weapon for a plasma pistol from one of many Jackals or Grunts.

The realm forward of you is the “Beachhead” firefight mission. This space is surrounded by many covenant autos, so you will have to kill these first. Transfer ahead and soar over the rocks into the shallow bay, the place you will see a Grunt heavy working a ghost to your left. If doable, kill the Grunt from a distance together with your DMR, but when he’s dealing with in the direction of you, you will have to stun him together with your plasma pistol after which jack the ghost. Both approach, take management of the ghost and drive it into the storage labeled New Alexandria Caracalla Park in order that no different enemies can renter it.

Head up the steps to the fitting of the storage, and start charging your plasma pistol as you stroll up the final flight of stairs. Proceed dealing with the door on the high of the steps marked exit, and again into the door to your left. This may set off two Brute chieftains, one with a gravity hammer and one with a gasoline rod, to come back out of the exit door. The gravity hammer chieftain will come first, so take away its shields after which stick it. As quickly as you stick him, instantly again into the room in order that the second chieftain can not gasoline rod you. Stand in entrance of the bench on this room and watch your radar to find out from which door the chieftain is getting into. Escape via the opposite door, swap your plasma pistol for the primary Brute chieftain’s gravity hammer, after which hammer the second chieftain because it exits the room you have been in. Bear in mind, it would take two to 3 hits relying on how a lot harm it took from the sticky you threw.

Proceed out the door from which you didn’t enter. You will discover one or two Grunts beneath the lined walkway beneath you. Kill them together with your DMR and commerce your gravity hammer for the extra full plasma pistol. Discover the place you allow your gravity hammer as a result of you will have it sooner or later. Flip left and renter the ghost that you simply saved within the storage. Drive all the best way to the water and hug this water line as you proceed proper till you’ll come to a wraith immediately beneath the sky bridge. From the security of the rocks, kill the Grunt gunner together with your DMR. Then, jetpack in the direction of the wraith at round 15 ft of the bottom as you cost your plasma pistol. This fashion, the wraith can be unable to hit you. When you obtain a lock-on, stun the wraith after which plant a grenade to kill it.

Renter your ghost and proceed to hug the waterline. You’ll come to a second wraith someplace subsequent to the second missile battery, though its place will range attributable to the way it selected to maneuver previous its spawn level. Kill this wraith utilizing the technique described above. Shortly after killing the second wraith, a ghost will come from the primary constructing to kill you. Hid within the rocks, stun it together with your plasma pistol, after which jack it when it will get shut. Along with your first ghost, drive it off the sting into the water, leaping out on the final second. This may stop some other covenant from getting into it. Then enter the second ghost you jacked and drive it again to the identical storage as earlier than. Now that you’ve got cleared away the most important enemy threats, you may retake the missile batteries.

First, commerce your plasma pistol for the gravity hammer you had earlier than. Proceed down the lined walkway in the direction of the primary missile battery. Across the missile battery, you will see as much as seven Grunts, two Brute minors, and a Brute main. Nonetheless, relying on the success of the marines and/or the Grunts you killed for his or her plasma pistols, there could also be much less Grunts. Utilizing the pillars holding up the overlaying as cowl, DMR snipe as many Grunts, Brutes, and Jackals as doable. Whether it is too tough so that you can kill the Brutes from this distance, solely give attention to the Grunts and Jackals for now. Upon getting killed the entire seen enemies, proceed transferring ahead, however remained zoomed in together with your DMR so you may shortly kill any extra enemies that transfer out of canopy. When you come near the battery, run behind both of the 2 planters immediately in entrance of the walkway. From right here, you’ll have an ideal shot at any remaining gentle infantry. Kill any remaining Brutes together with your gravity hammer.

Now you might be protected to activate the primary missile battery. This triggers a falcon to deploy 4 marines at your place. Across the battery, you will see a well being package, a DMR, assault rifle, and magnum crate, frag grenades, an energetic camouflage and drop defend crate, and a rocket launcher. Restock on DMR ammo and well being. Chances are you’ll want to swap your jetpack for a drop defend in the event you discover you might be steadily shedding well being. You might also wish to swap your gravity hammer for a rocket launcher in the event you discover that you’re extra skilled with this weapon.

After totally restocking, you will have to reactivate the second missile battery. Jetpack as much as the sky bridge. Someplace in the midst of the bridge, you will note a Brute chieftain with a plasma launcher. Run in the direction of him and dodge any plasma grenades he shoots or throws at you. Nonetheless, when you get inside round 25 ft, you may be too near doge. Jetpack over the aspect of the bridge, and proceed to jetpack in the direction of him whereas utilizing the glass siding as cowl. When you attain him, jetpack over the siding as soon as once more, land subsequent to him, and kill him together with your gravity hammer. At this level, you might be too shut for him to shoot or stick you.

Cease at round midway throughout the bridge. From right here, you might have a great place to DMR snipe the covenant defending the second battery. You will discover two Jackals, two Brute minors, and a Brute main with a gravity hammer. You will have to kill all of those enemies together with your DMR earlier than you progress up as a result of you haven’t any cowl when crossing the second half of the bridge. In case your shields fall beneath 25%, stroll backwards and the curvature of the bridge will defend you.

As soon as the entire covenant defending this missile battery are lifeless, transfer throughout the bridge and activate the second missile battery. To the left of it you will see an assault rifle and shotgun crate and a well being package. Extra importantly, in the event you head again in the direction of the primary constructing, you will see an eight ammo sniper rifle subsequent to a barricade with which you need to swap your gravity hammer.

All that continues to be is to fireplace the missile batteries to destroy the corvette. Nonetheless, activating the second battery triggered each a spirit to drop off reinforcements and for extra covenant to spawn throughout the base. In whole, you’ll have to kill the next; three Grunts, two Jackals, three Skirmishers, two Brute minors, and two Brute majors with concussion rifles. As well as, a second spirit will drop a ghost immediately behind you. The Skirmishers will instantly rush you, so kill them together with your DMR. Subsequent, kill the ghost by repeatedly taking pictures the highest of the Grunt’s methane pack together with your DMR till it ruptures. Transfer out onto the sky bridge and kill the Brutes together with your sniper rifle and the sunshine infantry together with your DMR. That is by far the very best sniping place as a result of the spirits don’t shoot you as they go away and you might be too far-off for the infantry to return fireplace at you. Upon getting killed as many enemies as doable, observe the walkway and jetpack onto the big glass cowl. From right here, you might have a transparent shot at any of the remaining enemies, and you’ll merely stroll backwards for canopy. Upon getting killed the entire covenant defending the bottom, set off the missile batteries from the room that you simply fought the chieftains in earlier. These missiles profitable take down the corvette, concluding the Exodus mission of the marketing campaign.

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